Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vancouver wants to cut their greenhouse gas emissions by 1/3

That's easy. All they have to do is turn down the lights - street lights that is.
Street lights are by far the greatest single electricity use in a city, more than any single industry.

Can city dwellers learn to live with a little less illumination?
It's that, or live with the consequences of global warming.
In addition, leaving the lights on just burns up existing fuel suppllies that much faster, hastening the end of the petrochemical age.

Calgary has in motion a plan to replace all their street lights, currently, those yellow sodium vapour beauties, with low wattage LED bulbs. They expect to recover the capital cost of the new bulbs with electricity savings as the program is completed in two or three years.

Ironically, Calgary buys electricty generated by burning coal while Vancouver uses Hydro-generated power.


Mary Paddock said...

My husband I have often wished we were in a positon to afford solar panels etc. I've seen people use them with great success, but they are out of the price range of the average working class family. This is something that's within our government's power to provide.

Bandersnatchi said...

Thanks for reading mary.
The cost of solar panels may come down as we go into mass production (if we do).
Cell phones used to cost hundreds of dollars when they first came out but when the masses started buying the price came down.
I just wonder about the availability of those raw materials.
We make people faster than we can manufacture the technology to meet their needs.