Wednesday, May 21, 2008

April was National Poetry Month in Canada

and to celebrate it in an active fashion I wrote 30 poems as part of NaPoWriMo on
This is the third time I have done this and I feel the results were worthy of the effort. I have many good drafts that can be worried into poem-like states. It was amusing and mind-expanding. I had a theme: poems on the variation of "She Stoops To Conquer."
It is a comedy wr9tten by Oliver Goldsmith. The idea came unbidden to me as I typed up my first poem April first and I wondered if I could sustain the theme and write meaningful poetry. The puns in the titles eroded considerably before long but placed in a list readers could at least see where the sometimes obscure titles came from, eg. She Swaps the Reefer - about a woman who wanted a mini-van like the other soccer moms but who was obliged to drive a refrigerated semi-tractor to pick up her kids, until one happy day..

Anyway, it provided some amusement for me and my fellows.
This summer I am training for my fifth Ironman Triathlon August 24th in Penticton. I have a new bike, stiff, fast, sexy - and currently in pieces on the ground. I have to build it. I have received contributions of parts: gears, aerobars, brakes, wheels from friends around the continent: CA, PA, WA, and hope to race it this w/e on a Century ride - a fund raiser for Cancer research I think.

The bike looks like this at the mo:

and should look like this: