Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday June 16th

Last evening, Friday, I rode the bike out to Armstrong to Eileen's house 27kms at 29kph.
It was calm, clear, mild, perfect for a bike ride.

This morning, I rode the bike 47kms from Armstrong to Vernon via the Yankee Flats store.
Sunny day to start, no wind, perfect for the bike ride.
Then 30 minutes after I got to Vernon it started to rain. Bummer.
I was looking forward to a dip in the lake then a few hours of work to make some money, but I wussed out of visiting prospective clients in the downpour.
Maybe I'm not cut out for riches.
As Gertrude Stein said,
"Of course I want to be rich,
I just don't want to do what there is to do to become rich."


Mary Paddock said...

I'm dying of curiosity here. In the time that I've known you, you've done a variety of things for a living. What are you up to now?

Bandersnatchi said...

Well, the sale of Natural Gas has just been de-regulated in BC - for residential customers. There is a mad rush to acquire customers because they only open the residential market once.
I am engaged for the next few months in selling CEG Natural Gas door-to-door. It will end when all who want to take adbantage of the opportunity to freeze their Naturalk Gas prices for 5 years by signing a delivery contract have done so.

Meanwhile I am engaged in developing a home-based business to establish a long-term residual income so I can travel wherever I want when I want and ensure my successful retirement.
I have chosen two products / companies: VOIP telephone service, and USANA.
This is after much research and many years of test-marketing.



Mary Paddock said...

In your home business?

Could be a difficult commute.

Seriously--I'm curious about how VOIP can become a homebased business?