Saturday, June 28, 2008

Any carbon tax in Canada is a waste of time..

as long as gas flaring continues in the oil producing industry.

"Gas flares emit about 390 million tons of carbon dioxide every year, and experts say eliminating global flaring alone would curb more CO2 emissions than all the projects currently registered under the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development Mechanism."

- from

Should I stop driving my 3-cyclinder Suzuki hatchback to work even on cold, rainy days, instead riding my bike 25kms one way to cut down the size of my carbon footprint, and pay a carbon tax of 2.5 cents a litre of gasoline to my provincial government while they do nothing about the gas flaring going on around the world "because there is no local demand for the natural gas to make it economical (read "profitable") to the oil companies?

"Oil is a mainstay of Nigeria's economy, and the government acknowledges that the oil industry still flares 24 billion cubic meters of gas a year, enough to power a good portion of Africa for a whole year."

(or enough to power all of British Columbia for 5 weeks!)

Gas flares burn in Nigeria adjacent to houses that have no electricity. Why? because the residents are too poor to be able to buy the electricity in the first place. Why? because the oil revenues from the industry that is killing them are not shared by the citizens of the country:

"In the areas close to the gas flares, medical staff report treating patients with all sorts of illnesses that they believe are related to the flames: bronchial, chest, rheumatic and eye problems, among others."

Instead, the ruling junta lines their own pockets corruptly with millions from the profits of allowing the Oil Corporations to drill there, flaring off gas in contempt of Government regs. banning the practice.

The oil is shipped to Europe and the US market to power SUVs, power plants and generally to support the developed lifestyle of the first world.

What do I say? It's a dog-eat-dog world and we are winning the fight?

I don't see the green revolution succeeding, at all, ever.


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Built at Last!

I rode my new steed 182kms to Oliver last Friday.
It lived up to expectations and performed flawlessly,
except for 3 flats in the city of Kelowna - none out on the highway.

Stiff and aerodynamic, she will undoubtedly be 10 to 15% more efficient, saving me time and energy come raceday.