Monday, June 18, 2007

I watched CNN this morning at about 8:30am. It consisted of footage of flash flooding damage in Texas, destruction in the Middle East, deaths and injuries from street drag racing and other mayhem, all sponsored by car commercials.
We don’t need to see the misery and suffering of people in Texas since nothing we can do can prevent it, unless you think flash-flooding is worse because of human-caused climate change.
We don’t need to see the dead bodies on the street and hear the panicked commentary from observers who watched the dragster careen off the telephone pole and into a crowd of spectators – unless you think banning drag racing and other auto sport would help ease human-caused climate change.
We don’t need to see the death and misery in the Middle East either, unless you think that it is caused by war over petroleum deposits which may be themselves the cause of human-caused climate change.
And least of all do we need to see the commercials for a Dodge Ram 3500 truck or super-fast, fun-to-drive sports cars which are, beyond doubt, contributing to climate change.

Btw, the Federal Tories just sponsored a Dodge Charger stock car in a Canadian NASCAR race at Mosport on the past weekend. Now that's government leadership!


Gordon Bell, genius researcher at Microsoft in San Francisco is fastidiously recording his whole life, or at least all his e-mails, correspondence, papers, books, photos, in part because memory is so cheap now – a tera-byte hard drive goes for about $500 retail. This may relieve him of having to remember a “bunch of stuff.”


June 18th 2007 - CBC
Bruce Party of Queen’s University, Economic Law, said – no point to Kyota. It requires a Global Treaty, including major contributing polluters.
“We still live in an industrial civilization. The major feature of an industrial civilization is that.. economic activity is related to use of fossil fuels. .. Economic prosperity is directly linked to fossil-fuel use.”

A subsidy-free energy market.

Changing to more energy efficient light bulbs is a waste of time and energy, and because it distracts us from the problem by making us think that we are helping, it harms us. Get rid of the notion that you can solve climate change by nickel and diming your way towards Kyoto.

The premise of Kyoto is way off base. Developing countries must be allowed to catch up.”

That is racial suicide.

India and China produce hugely more greenhouse gases than Canada.
Perhaps a brutal example would serve to illustrate:
Reducing Canada’s per capita emissions by 50% by 2050 would be the equivalent of removing half the population or about 16 million people.

If Canadians produce 4 times more, no let’s be generous, say five times more greenhouse gas than Chinese, then to match Canada’s cuts under Kyoto, China would have to lose 80 million people. Then we would made equal sacrifices towards solving the problem. However, to put this in perpective, Canada would then have a population of 16 million people (about what we had in 1957,) while China’s population would have been reduced from a current 1,400 million people (1.4B) to a paltry 1,320 million people (1.32B)


Global warming has the potential to cause World War Three.
China, India and other developing countries aren’t going to give up their dream of a life like we have in the West. They want fridges and stoves and air conditioning and the freedom granted by automobiles. This development of industrial economies means the increased use of energy. They will not refrain from using coal, oil, natural gas as fuels.

Oil resources are increasingly scarcer, DAY-BY-DAY, as we have passed peak oil production in the world.

They will fight over control of these resources, JUST AS THE USA IS DOING NOW in the Middle East.

Tensions will escalate. Politicians and dictators alike will see that they have nothing to lose by using military force. Some will use tactical nuclear weapons. The consequences of this can be imagined by anyone who has watched the Middle East power struggle since Israel was established in 1948.


White #29 car sponsored by Federal Conservatives – Idiots. This will go down as yet another huge political blunder by the Federal Conservatives. Not only does it clearly signal that they have no interest in achieving goals defined under the Kyoto accord because nothing could more clearly demonstrate a complete disregard for the value of oil as the profligate waste symbolized by motor sport. NASCAR celebrates the global warming crisis and their complete ignorance of the crisis by burning up hundreds of gallons of precious petroleum products in a two-hour long spectacle of high-powered cars uselessly, racing around an oval. The whole point of which is to sell more high-powered, gas-guzzling automobiles. What could be a more despicable display of carbon fuel waste?
Our politicians really know how to pick their causes.


7 Canadian children were saved from a kiddy-porn ring along with 24 other children.
24 people were arrested.
This sting / arrest / investigation cost the taxpayer hundreds of thousands of dollars, during which time thousands of children starved to death in Sudan and dozens of corrupt criminals profited by diverting UN supplies into black market sales.
7 children were killed yesterday in Afghanistan during fighting.

Dozens of homeless were put out on the streets by the closing of a shelter.


Nuclear plant to be built in Grande Prairie region.

To produce hot water to loosen up oil shale deposits west of the Alberta Tarsands a nuclear power plant will be built in that region. Oil will become increasingly valuable as a source of lubricants and for chemicals produced from petroleum beyond its use as cheap fuel.


John Mighton, The End of Ignorance, released today.
Kids have much more ability in math than it appears.


First Global Warming Lawsuit Filed Against Government of Canada
29 May 2007

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