Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Letter to the Editor

The Editor,
Glenn Mitchell,
The Morning Star,
4407 – 25th Ave.
Vernon, BC.

June, 25th, 2007

Dear Sir,

Re: June17, 2007 - Federal Tories sponsor car #29 at Mosport.

No Government can be taken seriously when speaking about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, dealing with global warming or dealing with the depletion of oil stocks, when its members also endorse NASCAR racing.
At Sunday’s NASCAR Canadian Tire Series event at Mosport (Ontario), Federal Tories, including Citizenship and Immigration Minister Diane Finley, sponsored car #29 – a Dodge Charger driven by Pierre Bourque.
NASCAR is a circus, which has one purpose – to promote the sale of high-powered engines, and petroleum products consumed rapaciously by those engines. The byproducts are greenhouse gases and noise, so really it is a good mix for politicians.

If you care about the environment, these are not the people you want in parliament enacting laws and spending our tax dollars.



Scotty said...

Good one, Geoff.

Bandersnatchi said...

Thanks for reading Scotty. I hope it's a real black eye for the politicians.