Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday July 17

The Canadian census figures from 2006 have now been released and the radio talk shows, media etc. are now analyzing them.

They speak with a tone of surprise that Kelowna, in the Okanagan valley, is the oldest city on average in Canada.

Hardly surprising when it has been known for decades that the Okanagan with its terrific climate and great scenery is one of the best places in Canada to retire.
So folks from across Canada, now with the money to choose where to retire, have chosen to move to the Okanagan to live out the rest of their days. Of course they chose Kelowna of the three communities because of the superior medical facilities here.

Since they have driven up the property prices, young families can't afford property here, so the average age rises. Pretty obvious, huh?

And these guys on the radio are talking as if it's now a big surprise!
Governments! Idiots!

We've all seen it coming for generations.

My Great, Grandfather bought land here in the early years of the last century and his children grew orchards there.


Scotty said...

I'm looking for some place to retire; don't suppose you've got any photos or are you gonna tell me that Google is my friend?


Mary Paddock said...

This sounds a great deal like the small town I live in. Here the majority of the population is retired. Young families are in a minority, most of them working class or lower.

Bandersnatchi said...

Sorry, guys, I missed seeing your replies. I'll find some great Okanagan pix for ya Scotty.

Mary, small towns are the best. If you like some peace and quiet nothing surpasses a rural community with tree-lined streets, of course, if you need things that only a city can provide, well, your choices get tougher.