Monday, August 20, 2012

Mortensen Math vs. Traditional Teaching

The Difference is Important to Your Child's Success

Parents educated by traditional math teaching, based on memorizing facts, rules, formulae and process, often do not recognize that MM is dramatically different and pass on by, overlooking the tremendous benefits to a method that is based on imagination, visualization and sets nothing less than understanding as its goal.

Our first job as MM educators is to decode this mathematical language into a spatial reality; take for example 4x3=12

All we do in math is count.

See all numbers as rectangles.

Know what one is.

From the above example, picture a rectangle that is four "over" and 3 "up," count the total unit squares.

See 12.

It's that simple.

This: 1, is not one. It is only the name of one written in arabic numerals.

What does one look like?

therefore 4x3=12 looks like this:

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