Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Inconvenient Truth: FAIL

Al Gore made a film, established himself as an environmental activist, but in the end it only entertained the liberal-minded, middle-class who already accepted the climate change model he espoused.
The movie was a decent first step but was ultimately useless because the only people who went to see it were already believers. It was preaching to the choir.

I venture to say that no one who had already made up their mind that
"climate is changing as a result of human activity" was bogus, was converted into accepting this as true.

The only thing that will reduce harmful climate change is having fewer people. I see no political will to reduce population voluntarily, thus I suspect that nature will take care of the human over-population problem and it won't be pretty.

Meanwhile, converting to electric cars, recycling plastic bags, etc. doesn't mean a thing while Nigeria and Siberia continue flare off enough useable natural gas to power New York.

At night Nigeria and Siberia are brighter than Paris, London, L.A. put together and there are no large cities in these places.

Look it up:

so, sadly, "every little bit" doesn't help because it lulls people into thinking it is all okay. It isn't

Apart from the gas flaring in these places, on another front, China is building 2 coal-fired electricity generating plants EVERY WEEK

for the next several years. Don't bother with your personal re-cycling if you aren't going to change Washington's policies on trade with these nations, and know this, 25% of US oil will come from Nigeria by 2025.

These three factors alone outweigh anything individual citizens can do to change matters. This problem was created at a national level and will only be solved at a national level.

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