Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Minister Rich Coleman, Drunk Driving & Cindy Berner

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Re: Drunk driving, Minister Coleman and Cindy Berner
- Alexa Middelaer, 4, was killed after she was hit by a car driven by Carol Berner.
- Minister Coleman considers telling RCMP to back off a bit in enforcing drunk driving laws
I view it as absurd that on the same news broadcast a woman is being sentenced for killing a 4-year-old girl while driving under the influence, and at the same time, the Minister is contemplating “educating” the public that it’s okay to have two glasses of wine with dinner. So go ahead, go out to dinner, drive to the restaurant, have a few glasses of wine and drive home.
Who is being smart here? The citizens who are staying home to have dinner and enjoy their wine without risking killing some 4 year old child, or, the Liberal Government’s Minister, who is so wishy-washy about enforcing his own laws, that a few restaurant owners whining in his ear can persuade him to back off & he is now prepared to put children at risk on the streets?
We didn’t back off about another drug that was killing people and costing the health system money. Cigarettes. So why back off now over the consumption of alcohol?
The reason for the law in the first place, in both cases: cigarettes and alcohol, is the same, and that is: people die, and those who don’t die, cost us money in terms of health care costs, property damage and thereby in insurance costs.
Do not listen to the lawyer who sounded off about the fewer number of criminal cases relating to drinking & driving. He is just trying to drum up business. We don’t need more people with criminal records. We do need fewer people drinking & driving. The RCMP seem to have got it right this time.

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