Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xmas Light Displays

I wrote the following letter and sent it to the national tv network. I doubt they will pay any attention but who knows?


Dear Sir,

This morning you ran stories covering the Copenhagen Climate Change conference and almost every
day you feature some story about reducing greenhouse gases and/ or Copenhagen.

Then you have that loon of a weather man promoting a Christmas lights display contest.

Either your editorial staff lacks any comprehension of the connection between light
displays and energy usage, or you think it isn't important, or you simply think we, your
audience, are too stupid to notice, in any case you have lost all credibility regarding
the issue.

Today's winner of the "get your light display on national TV" contest was from Red Deer,
Alberta - a province that produces 90% of its electricity by BURNING COAL!

The house had 65,000 lights on it.

Give your heads a shake will you?

Geoff White, B.Ed.

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