Thursday, November 19, 2009

Canadian Politics on the Wet Coast

A snapshot:

We have a Federal minority government that depends for staying in office on playing the separatists, the liberals and the socialists against each other and are doing it very nicely indeed, except that all they have achieved by 5 o'clock when they all go home, is to have stayed on the high wire for another day.
Our PM is on a Trade Mission, read, staying out of trouble by staying out of country.

Provincially, we have an egomaniac with a huge majority who is content to ride the wave of popularity he attained by winning the right to impoverish the province by hosting the winter Olympics.

Can't get rid of the swine and everything is just going to cost more to pay for the parties he is enjoying until the games are over and the bills come in.

I've said for years, that we shouldn't think our politicians are less corrupt than those in the average banana republic, just because they speak English.

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