Monday, October 20, 2008

New Monority Government

Okay, the conservatives got re-elected as another minority government and the world didn't end, not yet anyway.

The dollar is falling, the price of oil is falling as are other fuels, natural gas, gasoline, but diesel is in short supply in some locales in Canada and trucks are sitting idle. Our food chain is 3 days to a week in Canada. If the trucks don't roll the food doesn't arrive.

I remember reading Paul Ehrlich's book in 1978 or thereabouts: The End of Affluence. It rings eerily true still in light of some recent developments.

Ehrlich pointed to various problems, the one week food inventory and the vulnerability of the banking system to a credit crisis being just two of them.

I await further developments, while I think about gathering some nuts and berries for the larder.

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