Monday, December 24, 2007

TRaining for IM in 2008

I'm already a paid-up entrant in IMCanada Aug, 24th 2008 but the GF wants to go to Thailand in February for her holidays. I said I'll get the money together for that if we can fit in a triathlon in Langkawi.
Now I have to get myself fit enough to run the race on Feb 24th in 62 days!
Am I crazy or what?
I've been commuting by bike 2.5 hours a day until two weeks ago when the snow made the roads ridiculous for bike travel, but if it drops below zero again and dries up a bit I could ride throughout January - on the MTB of course.

Running is more of a challenge, because it is slippery out there on runners. Again if it dries up enough that I can see the sidewalk I'll do it. If not it's the treadmill for six weeks.

all for a silly t-shirt.

Bander, a.k.a.,


Scotty said...

I admire your commitment, Geoff; here's wishing you all the best.

Mary Paddock said...

Run Geoff! Run!

And for heavens' sake, post pictures!


Bandersnatchi said...

Oh, okay, thanks guys.
I want to ride my new bike to a personal best in 2008 Ironman Canada now, 214 days away.

I'll keep you informed.
I have a log with pix and graphs: