Tuesday, September 11, 2007

09/11 - BC has a new Lt.-Governor

For my non-Canadian friends, a Lt-Gov. is the representative of the Queen and among other things is a guardian of the constitution. After that it gets complicated but the L-G has no vote in parliament and is mostly ceremonial, but we do love our ceremonies!

This new L-G is, for the first time, a native aboriginal Canadian, Stephen Pointe, is a former Provincial court judge. This a.m. he was interviewed on CBC radio and among other things said, plagiarizing Norman Vincent Peale, "There is power in positive thinking."

Perhaps this epithet is now so apocryphal that NVP no longer deserves credit for the phrase, "The Power of Positive Thinking" which was the title of his 1952 book.


Also this morning CBC radio finally interviewed a lighting manager from the City of Calgary, Barry Poone, about their revolutionary street lighting which I wrote about (see my June 28th blog) several months ago! Alas, nobody listens to a lone voice in the wilderness. Now they all think they are the discoverer of this obvious improvement. I have been ranting about it for years. He spoke of the waste light refracted into space as seen in a satellite photo.

Fears of increased crime, devolution to previous eras in history such as a darkened wartime when blackouts prevailed. They studied crime rates in UK and Oz and concluded that lighting has no impact on crime but perception was changed. They felt afraid, but the people will get over it. I always maintained that what we were doing is lighting the streets at night just for the criminals! They are the only ones out there at 3am right? All good citizens should be at home in bed.

Invasive light coming in your windows and keeping you awake is also reduced.

Ah, but the savings! GIS studies revealed that 37,000 of 55,000 bulbs at half wattage saved $2 million per year! CO2 emissions are down hugely too, because Alberta produces 90% of its electricity by burning coal.

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