Friday, August 3, 2007

An Attitude is a tool not an ornament.

Whether you think your are suffering or you don't, you're probably right.

It's an attitude, and you get to choose your attitudes.

Choosing the attitude that helps you achieve your goals is part of the mental game - a part of sports, business and life in general.

Choose, "I am strong, I am light, I run like the pond skater skipping across the lily-pads" (pick your own phrasing) and you are more likely to endure the discomfort associated with running 30,000 strides over 42kms than if you choose the attitude,
"My feet hurt, my back aches, I can't do this!"

It is common sense really. Norman Cousins famously spoke about the language we use when talking about suffering with terminally ill cancer patients. He noted how the phrasing affected the attitudes of the patients - either positively, or negatively. Of course we should choose the positive approach every time. The point here is that our "attitudes" must per force be couched in language, therefore choose positive language. We think in words. Words affect how we feel. Connect the dots.


Scotty said...

Absolutely, Geoff, couldn't agree more. And one of the hardest things to change is an attitude; that change has to come from within since most people don't like other people trying to change them.

Mary Paddock said...

Well said, Geoff

Bandersnatchi said...

Right arm, thanks for reading, guys.